Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why should I choose Adelaide Fibredry over other companies to clean my carpets, tiles and upholstery?

A. Our technicians are qualified through IICRC and ACCI and we clean beyond the expectations contained within AS/NZS:3733-1995 standard. We are friendly and above all offer great value for money and professional service.

Q. Does Adelaide Fibredry offer a genuine guarantee?

A. Our company is built on integrity and customer satisfaction. We stand by our work and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We will not leave until the job is completed to your expectation and you are totally satisfied.

Q. Do Adelaide Fibredry offer a fixed price?

A. Before we start work we walk through the areas to be cleaned with you and you are provided with a fixed price that is payable upon completion.

We DO NOT bait and switch our customers as some more unscrupulous operators within the industry choose to do.

Q. These are excellent questions – who asks them?

A. Thanks – it’s almost like we’ve made the questions up to be as helpful as possible ;o)

Q. How much should I pay?

A. This depends on a number of contributing factors.

  • What type of result are you after?
  • What budget are you working within?
  • Do you prefer low moisture cleaning or steam cleaning?

Adelaide Fibredry offer a budget, deluxe and premium process to suit any situation and budget ranging from a two (2) step process to a seven (7) step process. The choice is yours depending on your circumstances.

Q. What sort of equipment do you use?

A. Adelaide Fibredry utilise the latest cleaning technologies available in the market today.

We offer a number of portable units along with a powerful truck mounted machine, which when used in conjunction with a number of our portable machines and premium chemicals is recognised as the most effective method of removing unwanted contaminants from your floor.

We are able to generate water temperatures of 110 degrees utilising “clean and capture” technology allowing your carpets and fine furnishings to be restored to their former glory.

Q. Do carpet and upholstery protectors work?

A. Yes, but only when applied by a trained applicator and to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Applying a carpet or upholstery protector is an effective way to prolong soil and stain resistance and enhance the performance of your carpet and upholstery.

For more information our friendly operators will be more than happy to explain this process to you on site.

Q. How long after the carpet has been cleaned can I walk on it?

A. Immediately.

We recommend initially walking around in your socks to ensure no loose soil or dirt on the soles of your shoes is trodden into your freshly cleaned carpet.

Depending on the process you choose the drying times can vary but due to the powerful vacuum on the truckmount machine the average drying time for all processes we offer is around three (3) to four (4) hours.

Q. When Adelaide Fibredry cleans my carpet does the underlay get wet?

A. No. This is due to the powerful equipment we currently use as explained above. None of the cleaning processes we offer wet the underlay.

Q. Why is professional cleaning important?

A. Vacuuming does not remove all the soil in the pile.

Many of the spot and stain removers available in supermarkets and general cleaning stores today are unable to remove the unsightly marks from your floor. You will know when it is time to have your carpet professionally cleaned.

Adelaide Fibredry recommend at least once a year for hygiene and to maintain a pristine appearance.

Q. Do I have to be home when Adelaide Fibredry cleans my carpet?

A. No. We are thoroughly trained and insured professionals you can trust in your home.

We do ask the home owner or someone to be present when we initially arrive to discuss any potential problem areas we may find.

This is not necessary in all cases as most of the time any problem areas are discussed during the initial booking over the phone.

Q. What is the most important reason to clean my carpets?

A. To kill any bacteria that maybe lurking beneath the pile and ensure the indoor air quality that you breathe is hygienic.

Q. I have been told steam cleaning is no good for my carpets and they can shrink as a result, is this true?

A. At one time this was a real possibility and even today with unscrupulous operators who are still employing “backyard” methods. Adelaide Fibredry use only the best equipment to ensure all contaminants are rinsed from your carpet upon completion.

Q. What method of payment do you accept?

A. We expect payment upon completion of the work and do not leave accounts under any circumstances for residential customers.

Our current accepted method of payment at the moment is by cash, cheque and eftpos.

A credit card facility will be introduced in the near future. All commercial accounts are strictly seven days or by negotiation.

Q. If I cancel at late notice do I incur a cancellation fee?

A. Yes. If you cancel your appointment within twenty four hours of the scheduled time we require 50% of the quoted price unless extenuating circumstances prevent the job from being completed.